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“Where were you during the Korean War?” “What did you feel when the first man landed on the moon?” ”How do you remember society reacted to 9/11?” Everyone has their own personal connection to these important events in history, and iRemember is a 501c3 company that creates a comprehensive history based on these unique perspectives.

iRemember is a web based application that catalogs and shares people’s experiences through major historical events.  At the core of this website is a timeline listing major events in the past 100 years of human history.  There, people can select an event and contribute their own primary source perspectives, pictures, videos, and other media that they may have saved throughout their lives.  The focus of this site is the sharing of experiences and incorporating of one’s history into the greater picture of the world.  

A site where their stories will be preserved and eternalized as primary sources to events that have transpired through modern time.  A place that future generations discover a variety of perspectives on historical events and learn to form their own stories to tell. 


Everyone’s story is significant.  History is forged through the eyes of the people.  


 In an age of modern media and global communications, it is time that our history is reflective of a different perspective, the personal and primary sources that we have today.   


iRemember strives for everyone to have the opportunity to tell their stories and leave their tangible legacy on modern history. 

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Many seniors are limited to verbal expression and furthermore may not have the capacities to write or type, but their stories are still important.  In order to help preserve these essential perspectives, the mission of iRemember is to expand the opportunity of storytelling to all.  iRemember runs community events at senior centers and facilities where teenagers help to listen and record the memories of local seniors.  You can also volunteer yourself!  Create an account for a senior you know and record their stories for them.

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